What is IQPP Certification and Why is It Important?

IQPP-logo1People worldwide depend on life-saving therapies derived from human plasma proteins to treat diseases and injuries. Voluntary IQPP standards help ensure that the human source plasma collected is of the highest quality. Centers with IQPP certification are routinely audited for compliance with the standards.


Donor Management

  Community-Based Donor Standard
Donors must provide proof that they reside within the center’s defined donor recruitment area. 
  Cross Donation Management Standard
Centers check a national database to make sure individuals only donate plasma within pre-defined timeframes to help protect donor health.
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  Donor Education Standard
Centers offer educational programs to promote healthy donor lifestyles. 
  National Donor Deferral Registry Standard (U.S. and Canada only)
Donors who test reactive for Hepatitis B or C or the HIV virus will be entered into the national database and prohibited from donating.
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  Qualified Donor Standard
Potential donors must pass two separate medical screenings within a six month period including testing for Hepatitis B and C and HIV viruses.
  Standard for Recording Donor Adverse Events
Centers must classify and record occurrences in accordance with defined parameters. 
  Viral Marker Standard
Focuses on the importance of collecting source plasma from a low-risk population.

Center Management

  Personnel Education and Training Standard
Center staff must undergo initial and ongoing training on safety, regulatory requirements and procedures.
  Professional Plasma Collection Facility Standard
Requires centers to maintain a high level of professionalism and quality with regard to cleanliness, safety and appearance.
  Quality Assurance Standard
Defines requirements for the center's quality assurance program.





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